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About Us

Inspiring science education for all

Exchange Science coordinates and manages the South and East Yorkshire Science Learning Partnership (SLP), which provides quality, subject specific continuous professional development (CPD) for primary and secondary schools in the area. It is part of a network of SLPs and other support for schools that is managed by STEM Learning.

We combine local expertise in teaching and learning in science, facilitating CPD, and providing school-to-school support. We offer quality, high impact science CPD through a range of full day or twilight sessions. We also work with schools on an individual basis to provide bespoke support to meet the differing needs of schools across the area.

Please get in touch to find out how we can support the needs of you, your department and your school.

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Our aim is that young people leave school with a deeper understanding of how science and technology shape their local community, our nation and the world. Together we must equip pupils and students with the skills and qualifications they need to fully engage with the new and emerging technologies and industries.